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Age of Stone Rise of Mankind Series, Book 1

Jez Cajiao

In all the games Matt has played, dungeons are places to raid, places you dream of conquering, but when the world is stripped of electricity, and the first mana-twisted beasts start to prowl, the games all come to an end….

Matt’s just an ordinary guy, but when he’s beaten, robbed, and left for dead, bleeding out at the bottom of a gully, it all has to change as he grasps frantically at his only chance for survival, coming as it does in the form of a glowing, dangerously pulsing light.

With his reality forever altered, Matt must quickly find a suitable place to deploy the Dungeon Core, fighting his way through the hundreds of people between him and safety, because if he doesn’t do it soon, a Core Detonation will solve all of his problems for him….permanently.

Welcome to the New World.

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