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Black Sand Baron – The Ripple System Book 2

Kyle Kirrin

The manhunt has officially begun.

Now the target of a game-wide Holy War, Ned is forced to flee the Onyx Sands.

The odds are stacked against him; Tyrann has tens of thousands of followers, a religion that’s spreading like wildfire, and a powerful god that will be stepping into the world of EBO in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, Ned’s allies are a squirrel-exploding bard, a repurposed home security system who takes her instructions far too literally, and a wildly unreliable talking axe named Frank.

But even as the inevitable conflict draws closer, change is coming to EBO. An old power is stirring, bringing with it strange new enemies, fearsome challenges, and rewards that every player will be vying to obtain.

There will be blood.

Not enough for Frank, but a very substantial amount.

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