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Transported to Game World

Overlord, Vol. 2 The Dark Warrior

It has been a week since Momonga logged in to his favorite RPG one last time and stranded himself there. Now he leads his guild

Uncontrollable A LitRPG Adventure

Whether it be the hero of legends or the character in a game, few things are more defining than Class. Except maybe Class isn’t always

The Last Light The Wandering Inn, Book 5

Pirateaba returns once again, bringing you the thrilling fifth installment of chart-topping LitRPG series The Wandering Inn. Coming November 2021.  Kings awake, and emperors build

Citadel: UnderVerse Book 5

With the God of Death out for his life, Jax has a choice to make, and it’s time for the brothers to face each other….

Battleborne, Book 2: Wrack and Ruin

Maximilian Storm has embraced his new life as a Battleborne. Reincarnated on a strange world in a powerful chimera body, he has gathered friends, made

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