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Dungeon Core Online Remastered Edition, Book Two

Jonathan Smidt

War is coming.

DCO’s latest patch has finally made it possible for dungeons to interact with one another. This can mean only one thing: It is time for some player vs player action. More importantly, it means James and Blank will finally be able to settle their score on the Fields of Battle. Only, there’s a lot more riding on this than pride – if James loses, he will be forced to leave DCO for good.

With everything on the line James and Rue must prepare for the onslaught and grow their dungeon as fast as possible. Which may mean doing things James isn’t proud of, things that involve a lot of dickens….

Blank may be formidable, but the Random dungeon still has a few tricks up its sleeve. James has unlocked an entire new floor, and with it, the most powerful and terrifying Random mobs yet.

Well…hopefully; it is Random after all.

But seriously – how bad could it be?

This is the revised, edited, and novelized retelling of the popular Royal Road web serial Dungeon Core Online by Glyax.

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