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Eden’s Gate: The Scourge A LitRPG Adventure

Edward Brody

Audiobook 7 of the best-selling Eden’s Gate series!

The Scourge have launched an attack, and the Freelands are overrun with Ergoth’s army of orcs and goblins. Travel is no longer safe, trade is at a standstill, and Edgewood Village is in ruins.

With the guild in desperate need of gold, Gunnar treks through the battle zone to complete an unresolved quest and is faced with a moral dilemma unlike anything he’s ever experienced in Eden’s Gate.

His choices lead him to join forces with some unlikely companions and sends him straight into the heart of the Wastelands.

Orcs would never allow humans to enter the Wastelands freely, so how exactly will he get inside, and what secrets are lurking deep below the Wastelands’ surface?

In an unforgiving land filled with bloodthirsty beasts and monsters, Gunnar will be left questioning: Who is the real monster, and who’s the worst monster of them all?

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