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Spear of Destiny: A LitRPG Dragonrider Adventure The Archemi Online Chronicles, Book 5

James Osiris Baldwin

A showdown of titanic proportions is developing in Archemi. Kingdoms are falling like dominoes to the self-styled Emperor of Nothing and his swelling armies.

Hector Park and his Queen dragon Karalti stand in their way. Linked by an unbreakable bond, they are the Paragons, heroes who are destined to overcome the dark forces mustering on the horizon, or die trying.

Will Hector unlock the true potential of the Dark Lancer Path and stop the ancient enemies of Archemi, or will the Emperor succeed in his mission to become a God above Gods?

Join Hector and Karalti on this epic Final Fantasy-style LitRPG adventure, in which the heroes find love, triumph, and struggle against overwhelming odds in the battle to save their world, while the bad guys are not just scary – they’re smart.

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